KastKing Silky 8 15lb Braid

Round 8-Carrier Braided Fishing Line –SuperPower Silky8 braided fishing line is perfect for both spinning reel and casting reel applications. Soft and supple, Silky8 braided line will improve your casting distance and provide extra sensitivity.

Thin Diameter Braided Line – The extra thin diameter means you will have more line capacity on your spinning or casting reels. Silky8 braided fishing line will also allow you to use a larger diameter or strong line and still have plenty of line capacity.

Highly Sensitive – SuperPower Silky8 braid is highly sensitive. It has almost zero stretch and provides instant feedback when you get even the slightest bit. It will also help you identify if your lure is working correctly and you’ll be able to easily feel bottom structure, or other obstacles and will be able to adjust your presentations according to conditions. Zero stretch also means faster, more powerful hook sets.

Improved Knot Strength – You can be confident that your properly tied knots will hold fast when you use SuperPower Silky8 Braided Line. Silky8 is easy to use and easy to tie exceptional knots because of it’s smooth, round characteristics. This means knots are of higher quality and will last longer.


Key Statistics

  • Measured Diameter: .291mm (+145% on claimed .20mm)
  • Measured Breaking Strain: 27.96lbs (+186% on claimed 15lbs)
  • Abrasion Breaking Strain: 7.27lbs (26% of measured max break)

Both Diameter and Breaking strain indicate that this line is closer to 28lb than 15lb.

Tensile Strength (271224 psi) is below average.

Abrasion resistance as a percent of maximum breaking strain is well below average.

Testing Process

Key Line Statistics

Diameter Measurements