Braid To Leader Knot Testing


All tests were performed with the following Braid and Leader:
Braid: 20lb Daiwa J-Braid Grand
Leader: Black Magic 60lb Tough Fluorocarbon

Braid Maximumk Break :  41.36lbs


5. Double Uni Knot : 49.01%

4. Improved Albright : 57.32%

3. Alberto : 65.35%

2. PR Knot : 80.63%

1. FG Knot : 89.89%

Summary and comments

1. FG Knot – 89.89%
2. PR Knot – 80.63%
3. Alberto Knot – 65.35%
4. Improved Albright – 57.32%
5. Double Uni Knot – 49.01%

I am sure there will be alot of people sitting there saying “thats not the right way to tie it!!” And yes, there are many ways to go about tying these knots, and the way I did it works for me after ALOT of experimenting. However……

The best suggestion I can make is to PRACTICE and TEST each of your knots to destruction. It’s easy to watch a video on how to tie a knot, follow along and believe you have it done correctly. But this isn’t always the case.

I tied well over 100 knots during this test, each time trying different numbers of wraps, different tensions and different ways of cinching the knots down. I did this until I was confident that each knot was the best I could make it.

Alot of the time it wasn’t until the knot was put on the Tensile Machine that i would find a weakness. I would study the results, analyze where the knot broke and look for ways to improve it based on research and more testing.

I learnt alot, more than simply “what is the strongest knot”. Being proficient at the knot is just as important as picking the right one.