Nomad Pandora 6lb Braid

The PANDERRA LIGHT BRAID is made from the highest quality Japanese PE fibre. The 8-carrier construction, combined with the ultra-thin Japanese PE Fibre and unique Micro Weave braiding technology means that we use the thinnest diameter fibre to create a super strong braid for a given diameter.
The specially formulated Hydroslick coating is applied to the braid to make it super smooth and increase casting distance.
The construction process is focused on making a super smooth braid that has the highest tensile strength for the given diameter. Whether casting, jigging, or trolling the smooth coating and super thin diameter are guaranteed to make your time on the water more enjoyable.

Key Statistics

  • Measured Diameter: .182mm (+182% on claimed .10mm)
  • Measured Breaking Strain: 12.78lbs (+213% on claimed 6lbs)
  • Abrasion Breaking Strain: 4.46lbs (34.9% of measured max)

Both Diameter and Breaking strain indicate that this line is closer to 12lb than 6lb. Tensile Strength (316931 psi) is slightly below average. Abrasion resistance is slightly above average.

Personal Opinion

I have been using this line for about 6 months on an ultralight spin setup. Overall impressions are very good despite average testing numbers. No wind knots, good knot strength, casts well. 👍 

Testing Process

Key Line Statistics

Diameter Measurements