Platypus Pre-test 6kg IGFA Mono

Platypus Pre-test offers anglers confidence that no other line in the world has the guts to do, with the highest test written in black and white on the spool. Every 1000 metres of Pre-test is tested three times, with the highest test recorded on the spool.

Pre-test is constantly evolving as Platypus constantly updates techniques and tracks down new nylon resins and additives to bring you the best possible nylon monofilament in the world. A key characteristic of Pre-test is its engineered higher level of stretch, designed as a shock absorber that keeps you connected to your catch during sustained battles and potentially using light line classes. This higher percentage of stretch is just part of what gives this line its trusted and proven reputation.

A combination of quality materials, machinery and processes, combined with over 120 years of fishing line design, development and manufacturing experience have produced a world class line that has Platypus’ signature feel, handling and performance, with excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding knot strength.

  • Over 500 IGFA & ANSA records
  • Increased stretch for shock absorption during sustained battles
  • Tested 3 times every 1000m and recorded on the spool
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding knot strength
  • Available in Clear and Hi-vis Yellow colours

  • Measured Diameter: .326mm (-14% on hypothetical .38mm)
  • Measured Breaking Strain: 12.76lbs (+100.39% on claimed 12.71lbs)
  • Abrasion Breaking Strain: 8.03lbs (62.9% of measured max break)

Breaking strain indicates that this line is rated exactly right.

Tensile Strength (98626psi) is BELOW average.

Abrasion resistance is ABOVE average @ 62.9% (average 58%).

This monofilament Nylon line is marketed as being accurately tested and rated for IGFA line class records. More than anything we tested this line to validate our own results, which indicated our tests are quite accurate with only 0.39% difference. IGFA testing aside, this line is generally average in comparison to other monofilaments we have tested.

Testing Process

Key Line Statistics

Diameter Measurements