PowerPro SuperSlick v2 8lb Braid

Re-engineered for a whole new level of toughness, Super8Slick V2 combines a new 8-end, dense weave construction with the proven Enhanced Body Technology coating process. S8SV2 delivers all of the smooth and silent benefits of original Super8Slick, plus added abrasion toughness to rip through the heaviest of cover with the same force as traditional 4-end braids. S8SV2 is available in Blue, Moss Green and Hi-Vis Aqua Green, as well as Onyx for those anglers looking to catch monster bass.


Key Statistics

  • Measured Diameter: .311mm (+239.2% on claimed .13mm)
  • Measured Breaking Strain: 26.2lbs (+327.5% on claimed 8lbs)
  • Abrasion Breaking Strain: 7.67lbs (29.2% of measured max breaking strain)
  • This is not an 8lb line! With a breaking strain over 26lb and a diameter similar to other lines rated at 30lbs. More info HERE
  • Abrasion resistance as a percentage of maximum breaking strain is slightly below average compared to others.

Testing Process

Key Line Statistics

Diameter Measurements

Diameter Comparison

+239% on the claimed diameter measurement seemed wrong, and I questioned if there was an issue with the measurements.

Lets compare 2 lines at the same time under the same magnification:
1. Power Pro 8lb (claimed .13mm)
2. Nomad Pandora 6lb (claimed .10mm)

These lines, based on their claimed diameter, should only be 0.03mm difference. It can be clearly seen that the PowerPro is almost twice as thick.