SpiderWire UltraCast - 15lb Braid


The best of SpiderWire® performance will be found in Ultracast®! Made from 8 tightly woven 100% PE fibers, Ultracast effortlessly casts long distance while providing high strength and abrasion resistance, giving you the ultimate performance fishing line!


  • Smooth 8 fiber braid for extremely long casts
  • Cold-fusion process creates increased abrasion resistance
  • High strength per diameter for increased confidence in all fishing applications!
  • Aqua Camo is the angler’s “high-vis” camo color option ideal for line watchers giving you the best chance to see every strike and catch every fish!
  • Inshore Camo is the angler’s “low-vis” camo color option ideal for heavily pressured waters and skittish fish.


Key Statistics

  • Measured Diameter: .263mm (+202% on claimed .13mm)

  • Measured Breaking Strain: 31.58lbs (+210.5% on claimed 15lbs)

  • Abrasion Breaking Strain: 10.63lbs (32% of measured max break)

Breaking strain indicates that this line is closer to 31lb than 15lb.

Tensile Strength (375040 psi) ranks 9th out of 16.

Abrasion resistance is right on average @ 32%

Diameter Measurments were extremely inconsistant due to a diameter that changes alot along the length of the line, so its hard tio tell if this really is an “ultra-cast”.

The surface of the line is generally quite smooth but it does look like it has some kind of coating, or perhaps it is the “cold-fusion process” that is claimed to be done?

During handling, the line dye came off and made my hands a nice multicolor.

Testing Process

Key Line Statistics

Diameter Measurements