Sufix 91 G-Core x9 14lb PE0.8 Braid

Product Details

The Sufix 91 G-Core continues Sufix’s range of braid lines with ultra-reliable performance when casting and fighting the fish. With an abrasion-resistant GORE® Performance Fiber in the core and 8 precision-braided UHMPE fibers surrounding it, the 91 G-Core’s 9-carrier construction results in low stretch, better knot tying, and stronger holding power. The silky smooth 91 G-Core’s super-slick coating allows for long casting distance.


  • Measured Diameter: .173mm (+135.5% on stated .128mm)
  • Out of Roundness: .02mm (11.5% variation in diameter)
  • Measured Breaking Strain: 13.94lbs (100.4% of rated 14lbs)
  • Abrasion Breaking Strain: 4.3lbs (30.85% of max break)
  • FG Knot Breaking Strain: 10.53lbs (75.5% of max break)

An average performance across the board, and way below the Sufix 832 on all tests.

Close inspection of the line under a microscope seemed to show some quality issues, with frequent sections appearing to be not braided correctly, with other areas looking very smooth.

A large difference in the force achieved for the 3 break tests was surprising, however they averaged out to be almost exactly at the rated strength.

Testing Process

Key Line Statistics

Diameter Variation